About Mexico Restaurant

From its beginning as a single location in Richmond,Virginia, Mexico Restaurant has grown into one of the region’s success stories. This family business has built on its reputation of providing fine food and friendly service in a festive atmosphere. Today, the Mexico Restaurant has unique neighborhood eateries throughout the Richmond metropolitan area bringing the wealth and breadth of Mexico’s cuisine to thousands of loyal diners.
Since 1990, when the Garcia family from Guadalajara opened its first Richmond location, the business has grown into multiple locations with dining rooms richly decorated with beautiful murals featuring scenes from all over Mexico.
Jose and Raul Garcia–with Uncle Jesus Arellano and his son Agustin—started the restaurant. Soon, their sister Maria Garcia and their parents added their energy and expertise to the family business. Over the years, the restaurants have expanded gradually. “Our philosophy has been to bring people into the business as we’ve needed them and to reward those who contribute most with part ownership in the business.” Maria Garcia says. “They share in the business as it grows. It helps them and it helps us, too. It becomes this great extended family.”

Festive Fare

Maria says these restaurants are distinguished from many others that serve Mexican food by their top-quality, healthy foods, and by the distinctive dining spaces. People today are more health conscious, and we know that,” she says. At Mexico, customers have come to expect the freshest ingredients in dishes ranging from the typical tacos and burritos to those that feature sophisticated sauces and unusual tastes. It’s not surprising then, that Mexico’s menu is described as “a fiesta for your mouth.”
Having come into Richmond at the beginning of a period of dramatic growth in both the size and diversity of the population, Mexico has expanded steadily, adding locations in different parts of town, capturing a loyal customer base.
“The Richmond community has grown so much in the past 10 years,” Maria Garcia says. “We were in the right place at the right time.” Today, the restaurants attract a variety of people, though they are particularly popular with families. “We’ve seen children grow up right in front of us,” she adds. “The whole community has responded really well to all that we’ve worked so hard to offer.”



Part of the Community

Being involved with the community also has been important to the restaurants’ owners and staff. They sponsor a variety of charitable events, such as fund-raising drives for the March of Dimes and Children’s Charities, Maria Garcia says. The restaurant also helps out when school groups, teams, and organizations come calling. “We are very active, very local,” she explains.
Mexico Restaurant’s extended family will probably expand further in years to come. “That’s important to the business overall, and its important to our employees who recognize that expansion means additional opportunities for them. They know that if they work hard, they may be part owner of the next restaurant,” Maria Garcia says. “This is a true family business. We want even the customers to feel that way about it. That way, they will keep coming back.”